Sunday, November 20, 2016


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When I am looking for different Guests to play along with our challenges, I am always blown away at the enthusiasm of our International Guests.  Our little Australian Scrapbooking Blog is not something that I think comes up on many International Scrapbookers radars and they are always keen to play along. (Thankfully I haven't had a knock back yet.  Touch wood)  This month was no exception.  Today I am so happy to introduce you to RIIKKA KOVASIN.

Riikka is a Finnish mixed media influenced crafter. She lives in Helsinki, the capital of Finland with her husband and two daughters. What she creates the most during a year is layouts, but she also enjoys tremendously creating altered pieces and canvases. You can find her from her blog, Paperiliitin, but also from other social media sources like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. I will add all the links after her layout if you would like to check out more of her work and follow her.  Here is what Rikka had to say.

"Hi there! I’m honored to guest here at Scrap the Girls! Thank you so much Krisy for asking me! Most of my pages are in fact of girls as I’m a mother of two girls!

I was inspired by the horizontal lines in the sketch and mimicked the plank-looking pattern of the background paper with the stripes – they create a balancing element to the otherwise quite horizontal design. I also cut a couple of banners and placed them underneath the photo like they are in the sketch.

The topic of the page are my two girls. In the photo they are playing with a big wooden horse in Häme castle this summer. We went there for a little summer trip and both of the little ones enjoyed the exhibition and the old building very much.

If you want to see how the page was created, I taped a video for you! If you like it, I hope you’ll subscribe my channel at YouTube.

Thank you once again and see you!"

Here is Riikka's Layout.

 Oh and check out the details...

If you want to check out more of Rikka's stuff (which I highly recommend), here are all the links.

Make sure you link up your layouts and remember that if you don't have a blog you can  load them to the Facebook Wall.  Everyone will be considered.

Krisy xx

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Tania B said...

Love your work Rikka. So lovely to have you join us at Scrap the girls!

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