Friday, November 1, 2019


Pinch and a punch this month is sure to bring up some memories, laughs and perhaps a bit of regret :).
This challenge is called "The Hangover"  You choose your poison....Books, Retreat, Alcohol.

Here are the Design teams layouts for your viewing pleasure!

Lazy Friday afternoons and double vodkas...let's call this "journey to a hangover".
Besides being inspired by the alcohol theme, I also drew inspiration for my colour palette and design from the arrows in the book hangover image.

"This is my and a good cheese platter. I must confess, I enjoy making a cheese platter nearly as much as I enjoy sharing one with friends."
"This was a hangover you’d never want... stuck in a different city, no personal transport, with a kid that just played her heart out at state titles and then busted her knee. Certainly made the rest of our trip difficult - Uber’s, taxis, borrowed wheel chairs, and lots of ice cream to make us feel better. Not a holiday we’ll forget in a hurry!"
"I had diffuculty with this challenge. I do not drink alcohol, I do not read or really watch TV. Then, a few weeks ago I caught this nasty cold that left me k.o. I took the opportunity to take a selfie of my face feverish, with a filter snap chat bonus! Do not be afraid of ridicule !!"
"I don't drink much usually but I do enjoy a cold beer after a hot day sightseeing!
I was also inspired by the circular theme of the book hangover."

"Literal Hangover and Retreat in one!"

"Friends having fun! Live for today!"

"This is my november layout and i choose the book hangover. My favorite author is Amelie Dubois and all thΓ© chick lit book."
"My hangover is dealing with little miss sugar rush... OR dealing with little miss coming down from a sugar rush!"
"I love taking pics of the kids at their worst... this is what it looks like 'hungover' on drugs after having all your wisdom teeth out... she was such a cheery little soul."
"So.....when you go out you feel #classyaf, then you get “messy” and then there’s the “next day”. What a cycle it is, I just don’t recommend it the night before Mother’s Day πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I was also inspired by the circle and spills of wine "🍷
"Inspired by the 'Book Hangover' image to document my daughters love of books."

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Can't wait to see your layouts and read your stories.

Krisy xx

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