Thursday, August 1, 2019


Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. Time for a new challenge.  This month I've decided to be less restrictive and allow you show what inspires you.  This challenge has an theme but you have to decide what you want to do.  Its a little controversial now. So here is the challenge image, then I'll give you the run down....

 So this months challenge....Be inspired by Instagram.  This can mean you can be inspired by the colours, the shapes, the square photo formatting, likes....What ever you want.  But you must tell us what it is that inspired you.   The controversy is that Instagram have taken away the like button but honestly I had no Idea that was happening.  I set this challenge back in November for the DT.  Yep that's how organised I am and how much notice the DT get for their challenges, that's a bit of behind the scenes for you.

This month the Design Team has gone in all different directions and I love that it has enabled us to see what inspires different creatives.  Here are the Design Teams layouts....
I was inspired by the coloured stripes in the logo, which I recreated using watercolours. I also included a number of elements relevant to Instagram - hearts, a camera icon, and a hashtag title. (I even snuck in the  "thumbs up" like button from fellow social media platform Facebook.)

These are all photos of my daughter from her instagram page. All her photos are in black and white, thats her thing!

Tamara was all about the cutfile fitting perfectly with the theme this month.Tamara

"I have been inpired by the sketch"

I was inspired by the colors and using a square theme.
I was inspired by the colours, the square photos, the fact that Instagram often is a record of a journey. Plus this was once my profile picture.

I've just gone for the square photo in this layout captured at the beach

I decided to turn the logo and i also use the coloré of Instagram logo.
I decided to go with all things camera-related, as you can see. I've also added in some hearts to copy the image and also the 'like' option within instagram. I used an old photo with an (old) instagram filter and I used a rainbow of colours - again as inspiration from the image provided.

totally inspired by my love of good vodka and crowns... so instagood!
I was inspired by all the elements in the logo.....but this totally did not go the way the idea in my head originally went...all because I accidentally sent my photo to the wrong printer and ended up with a big A4 of my head - so I just rolled with it
Inspired by the Insta logo to make a huge shaker pocket out of the cut file and the square format photo.

This months homegrown sponsor is HELMAR.  Yes the glue company.  This is one that every scrapper will benefit from.

As always Scrap Accent will be sponsoring an international winner.  Keep an eye out this month as we will be announcing the May, June and July winners and you will need to contact us via our Facebook page to claim your prize.  Don't wait too long or you will miss out.

I can't wait to see what inspires you all.  Remember you can link up via the link, send us a message via Facebook or tag us on Instagram.

Krisy xx

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