Sunday, November 4, 2018


Hi Lovelies...
As the busiest time of the year is sneaking up on us I know this is a bit hard for many to take the time to apply however in 2019 we have some design team members stepping down.  So we will have some spots opening up that I would like to get filled and organised for 2019.

If you are interested here is what you need to know:
This is probably the most important point...
You will have to complete 1 layout per month, this is to be submitted to the Design Team Facebook page with your footer attached by the 25th of the month before.

The current DT term Finishes at the end of January so your first layout will be shared in February 2019 and your term will continue until January 2020.

Open to everyone regardless of age or location.  We do everything online so you must have a Facebook account and the ability to add a footer to your layout through whatever program you choose.  No watermarks are to be used.  Also no blurred or covered photos.  It is also preferred you use actual photos and not magazine images.

The challenges for the whole year are shared at the beginning of the year so you will have exclusive access that will allow you to plan and stay ahead of your commitments. It is always appreciated if you share your layout and link Scrap the Girls on your Social Media.

I also ask that you go in an spread some love, only once a month, on the entries on the blog.  Leave a comment, spread some positivity.  You don't have to comment on them all but at least half would be ideal.  I know when I was starting out these comments meant the world to me and you never know how some encouragement can brighten someone else's day.

I am fairly laid back and am open to your interpretation of challenges, there are no set rules.  I just ask that you are punctual and honest.  I am a full time student and mother and run this blog in my own time without any financial rewards so I just want a team that is awesome, creates great pages and gets stuff done without me having to chase you.  I just want to sit down and get everything sorted in one hit not over 3 days.

So, if this interests you please message me through the Facebook page with a few examples of your work and why Scrap the Girls interests you.  Please also include your country location.  NOTE: no previous DT experience is required. The team and I will work with you to make it as easy as possible.

Please note: I will contact everyone to let you know if you were successful or not.  No uncertainty here.  Call closes 8th December 2018.

I can't wait to see your work.

Krisy  x

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Monique Nicole Fox said...

What email do we send our info to?

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